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European and American tour of the film "Adio" by our student Karlo Gagulić

Film, TV and multimedia

Screenings in Macedonia, Great Britain and Croatia will be followed by the premiere in the USA.

The latest short feature film "Adio" by VERN's Film, Television and Multimedia Design student Karlo Gagulić, after its May premiere in Zagreb had its world premiere in June at the 14th Youth Film Festival in Sarajevo, which was followed by a tour around Europe and the USA.

After screenings in Macedonia, Great Britain and Croatia, the film won its first audience award at the 3rd Ciklop Film Festival in Benkovac, Croatia, in August. The premiere of the film is expected in November in New Jersey at the Student World Impact Film Festival.

December is reserved for another visit to Great Britain, London, as part of the Lonely Wolf Film Festival.

"At the world premiere in Sarajevo, with over 8,000 spectators, a colleague from Luxembourg, whom I did not know at the time, approached me, shook my hand and said: 'You are crazy, congratulations', and then he hugged me. He explained that his best friend was going through the same pain and that he really connected with the film. Later in the evening, we talked a lot about the film, about his friend. He complimented the entire cast", Karlo told us.

Let's remind ourselves, "Adio" talks about the suffering a patient goes through, and even more importantly about the suffering of people around him, i.e. his relatives, and the consequences they deal with.

The film stars are: Lav Novosel (as Pavle), Matija Dominiković (as Leo), Petra Herceg (as Lana), Lidija Penić-Grgaš (as Kaya), Iva Mihalić (as psychiatrist), Lucija Šerbedžija (as Mother), Zvonko Novosel (as doctor) and Lucija Alfier (as nurse).

Congratulations to Karl, but also to all VERN students who worked on the film:

  • Irena Maralushaj (producer),
  • Zara Grubešić (production assistant and coordinator of extras)
  • Mario Gaćina and Jan Pavlin (assistant directors)
  • Juraj Matej Ćurdo (assistant to the main gaffer)
  • Danny Gucul (sound)
  • Tea Pavec and Matea Đuranec (makeup)

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Date of publication: September 23, 2022