Brittany Université

In collaboration with Brittany Université from France, VERN offers two dual award programs:



Participants will be provided with access to online or learning resources by our dual award partner, Brittany Université.


VERN’ Alumni Club counts more than 5000 members who gained their academic qualification and professional knowledge and skills through our academic system. Many of VERN’s graduated students are today’s successful business experts who operate in the corporate and public

sectors, family enterprises and the entrepreneurship community. We have developed good cooperation with our Alumni community who is engaged in academic and business events and classes where they can share their valuable business experience with our students.


With the aim of strengthening academic performance and quality in higher education, we continuously strive to establish cooperation with our academic partners and contribute to the common development of the entire society.

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For all inquiries regarding potential co-operation, please contact VERN’ International Cooperation Office.

Business sector

We are passionate about the creation and impact of our knowledge and how, in partnership, it can be applied to real challenges. Collaboration with employers and the business sector is one of the key elements of development of our University. We are aiming at aligning the needs of the labor market with our study programs through long-term communication with all important business entities.

Advisory council

On January 14th, 2011, at the initiative of the Board of Governors of VERN' University of Applied Sciences, VERN’ Advisory Council was founded. It is a strategic advisory body, composed of prominent experts from Croatia and foreign countries, which discusses socially relevant issues related to higher education in the national and international context and thereby directs VERN' towards socially responsible activities.


In the framework of our discussion platform VERN’ Forum, we regularly organize panel debates and discussions covering a wide variety of topics from business, economic and social perspectives. Our events provide timely and valuable information for students, academics, media and other business and educational stakeholders.


The organization and implementation of various projects is one of the key differentiating features of our institution. Our projects, in cooperation with different stakeholders from the academic and business sectors, provide us with a quality and realistic insight into today's trends.

Take a look at our international projects:

EU funded project: Apprentice Track – Smart Electronic System for Tracking Apprenticeships (SAT) SAT

Development of Bachelor Degree Program Entrepreneurship in Applied Arts and Design

New Danubian Governance in Labour Market Relevance of Higher Education


University Business Forum


Local community

We are proud we have a privilege to cooperate with the local community organizations and contribute to community development. Our students contribute to the development of civil society throughout various projects they are working on in classes in the field of business planning, public relations and etc.