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VERN University is an international, open, creative, entrepreneurial university from Zagreb, Croatia. For the last 20 years, VERN University has been a leading private university in Croatia and the region that currently offers 10 bachelor and 7 graduate programs. International mobility is an important factor at VERN University. Both students and staff members are encouraged to take part in mobility activities, programs and work on projects, and VERN’ is a host to a number of students from around Europe and the globe.

For, and with, our students we develop professional, academic and research competencies, as well as innovative, entrepreneurial, and business capabilities with strong focus on our social responsibility as the members of United Nations Global Compact initiative. Aware of our responsibility for community development, we promote values that contribute to the development and prosperity of society through sustainable development, but also to the personal development of our students, intending to adopt those values on which the future economic and social development of the Republic of Croatia and the European Union can be build.

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Ivo Beroš, M.Sc.

Ivo Beroš, M.Sc.

Snježana Boranić Živoder, Ph.D.

Snježana Boranić Živoder, Ph.D.

Nikolina Borčić, Ph.D.

Nikolina Borčić, Ph.D.

Gordana Ćoric, M.Sc.Econ.

Gordana Ćoric, M.Sc.

Jadranka Ivanković, Ph.D.

Zoran Klarić, Ph.D.

Maja Kolega,Ph.D.

Izidora Marković Vukadin, Ph.D.

Irena Miljković Krečar, Ph.D.

Irena Miljković Krečar, Ph.D.

Diana Plantić Tadić, Ph.D.

Diana Plantić Tadić, Ph.D.

Dijana Pletikosa, Ph.D.

Dijana Pletikosa, Ph.D.

Darija Prša, M.Sc.

Darija Prša, Ph.D.

Željko Trezner, M.A.

Željko Trezner, M.A.

Ozana Ramljak, Ph.D.

Ozana Ramljak, Ph.D.

Mario Vukelić, LLB, BA in Economics

Mario Vukelić, LLB, B.A.

Study programs in Croatian

VERN' University offers programs form undergraduate level up to doctoral level of study.
All study programs are held in Croatian while two undergraduate full-time programs are held in English.
The list of all study programs:

Undergraduate / Bachelor professional degree programs in English

  1. Entrepreneurship Economics
  2. Tourism and Hotel Management

Undergraduate / Bachelor professional degree programs in Croatian

  1. Business IT
  2. Entrepreneurship Economics
  3. Film, television and multimedia
  4. Journalism
  5. Public Relations and Media Studies
  6. Technical Management
  7. Tourism and Hotel Management

Undergraduate / Bachelor university degree study programs in Croatian

  1. Cyber Communications and Network Sciences
  2. Internet of Things
  3. Transmedia Dramaturgy

Graduate professional degree programs in Croatian

  1. Accounting and Finance
  2. Entrepreneurial Management
  3. Film and Television Directing and Producing
  4. Human Resources Management
  5. IT Management
  6. Managing Business Communications
  7. Managing Sustainable Tourism Development


VERN' University is easy to find thanks to its attractive location in the center of Zagreb. VERN's classrooms and student services are situated at No 82/1 Palmoticeva street.



Educated, entrepreneurial and socially responsible people are the carriers of sustainable development and community wellbeing.


We develop competencies of expertise, entrepreneurship and business-orientation through academic excellence and socially responsible entrepreneurial action as well as interaction, fulfillment and satisfaction.


Prof. Vlatko Cvrtila, Ph.D.

Prof. Vlatko Cvrtila, Ph.D.



Ozren Jureković

Ozren Jureković

Chairman of the Board of Governors
Prof. Vlatko Cvrtila, Ph.D.

Prof. Vlatko Cvrtila, Ph.D.

Rector and member of the Board
Ivo Ivančić

Ivo Ivančić

CEO and member of the Board

Board of governors

Ozren Jureković

Ozren Jureković

Chairman of the Board of Governors
Branko Štefanović

Branko Štefanović

Member of the Board of Governors
Sara Štefanović

Sara Štefanović

Member of the Board of Governors




The organizational partnership of Croatian Employers' Association, the University of Zagreb and VERN' University of Applied Sciences clearly demonstrates that essential problem and challenge in the relationship education-economy-social development have been recognized by the key stakeholders. Such a partnership is also a significant step toward uniting public

and private interests in creating a different, more contemporary and more constructive education than the one we currently have in Croatia, the kind of education that will set in motion mechanisms of economic growth and sustainably meet the needs of the labor market and at the same time foster new knowledge and opportunities to apply such knowledge for the benefit of the society as a whole.
Thematic University Business Forum Croatia

University Business Forum, established in 2008, is a part of the European Commission’s initiative aimed at supporting modernization of higher education and strengthening cooperation between academia and business on a European level. It is a platform that brings closer together the key drivers of the knowledge economy and those vital to regeneration and competitiveness of Europe. Thematic University Business Forum Croatia took place on the island of Vis, home to VERN' Island School which provides the academic and business communities with the unique opportunity for professional, educational and scientific exchange beyond the traditional academic and business environments. The aim is to help the island gradually free its

development from dependence on the tourist season and direct it towards a revival with academic and entrepreneurial programs that will consequently support its sustainable development. As a part of academic activities at the European level and struggles to foster cooperation between education and business sectors at the institutional level, VERN' University of Applied Sciences was a partner at the European survey “University-Business cooperation in Europe”.
It was carried out by the European Commission in partnership with Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre from Germany, Josip Juraj Strossmayer University from Croatia and VERN'.

Croatian education system

Croatia has a binary higher education system, meaning that prospective students can choose between two types of higher education studies:

University studies – consisting of academic programs conducted solely at universities

Professional studies – consisting of professional programs conducted at polytechnics or colleges of applied sciences (exceptionally, professional programs can also be implemented at universities).

The Croatian higher education system is structured according to three cycles (undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate) and higher education studies in Croatia are organized according to the system of transferable credits (ECTS), thus making it easier for international students to study in Croatia and have their studies recognized in their home countries.

You can find more information on the link below:
Croatian higher education system

VERN’success stories

VERN’s success is measured by the successes of its students, professors, employees and partners and these are some of the stories we take special pride in:

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VERN' University
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