Visa & immigration information

NON-EU/EEA citizens coming from a country that has a visa regime with the Republic of Croatia need to apply for a visa via the Croatian Embassy in their home country before departing for Croatia.

The list of countries whose nationals need a visa to enter Croatia can be found on the pages of the Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs.

All international students studying at VERN' need both a passport issued by their country of citizenship and a Croatian visa. Furthermore, these documents provide proof of your residence and are highly reliable forms of identification. Because you will need the visa before you enter Croatia, you should receive a valid visa not later than a few weeks before your studies begin at VERN'. In addition to this text, please consult the official web pages of Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs (links can be found in the text below).

Step 1:
After passing the admissions test the student will receive an official offer from VERN'

Once you accept the VERN’ offer you will be able to start your visa process.

Step 2:
Payment of tuition fee required

Once the payment of the tuition fee for your study is received by VERN’ you will be issued a Guarantee Letter, which you will need to get a Croatian visa. Please note that the tuition fee needs to be paid in the amount stated in the official offer.

Step 3:
Guarantee Letter / Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS)

Check all the information on your Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) to confirm that it is correct. The CAS will be issued to you after you have accepted your offer, and paid your fee deposit.

If any details on your CAS are incorrect, please e-mail the admissions department that issued the CAS to advise them that it requires amendment. Their e-mail address is listed at the bottom of the CAS statement. Any tuition fees that you have paid prior to the CAS being issued will be shown on the CAS you receive.

You will receive a PDF version of your CAS.

Step 4:
Check your finances

In addition to demonstrating that you can pay for the full first year tuition fee, you will need to show approximately 600 EUR per month for 12 months to meet visa maintenance requirements (living expenses).

Step 5:
Prepare your application documents for Croatian Visa (prepare/check/submit)

The travel document a third-country national is using to enter Croatia must be valid for at least another three months after the planned departure from Croatia and issued within the previous 10 years (e.g. a third-country national staying in Croatia until 26th December 2013 has to hold a passport valid at least until 27th March 2013).

Please consult the fallowing web site regarding Croatian Visa requirements overview:

Issuance procedure can be found at:

Visa application form can be found at:

List of Diplomatic Missions and Consular Offices of Croatia can be found at

Please consult one of the Diplomatic Missions or Consular Offices for any questions or information.

If your application is refused or rejected, please email a copy of the refusal letter to Please wait for our advice before making a new visa application.

Register of stay in Zagreb, Croatia

Once you come to Zagreb please note that by the Croatian law you are obligated to register you stay in Croatia. You have to do this within 48 hours upon your arrival in Zagreb if you are staying in Croatia over 90 days. This can be done at the Police station in Petrinjska ulica 30, Zagreb.

For registration of stay, you will need:

  1. One photo
  2. Copy of your ID card or Passport
  3. Certificate from VERN’ that you are our student
  4. Certificate of your financial status (bank statement)
  5. Copy of your health insurance or EU health card or some other form of private health insurance (if you have it)
  6. Additionally at the police station, you will have to give an address where you will be living.
    For that purpose, you will have to show:
    • If you have rented an apartment directly from the owner you will need:
      Contract to rent an apartment (lease agreement) – this requires that the owner of the apartment gives you a copy of the ownership document / proof that he/she is the owner (in Croatian: Izvadak iz zemljišne knjige općinskog suda).This document it has to state Broj zemljišta (kat.čestice) [in English: Number of land / cadastral parcels] or broj zk. uloška [in English: land registry entry] of flat.
      The easiest way would be if the owner went with you to the police station, which makes things much simpler.
    • If you have rented an apartment from an agency they will usually help and go to the police station with you.
  7. The cost of registration of stay is around approx. 90 EUR

Any change of your Croatian home address must be reported to VERN’ and to the police station where you have registered without any delay.