Erasmus+ Programme

Meet students from Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Turkey studying at VERN’

The latest group of Erasmus exchange students, a total of 33 students from nine different countries have came to spend the summer semester studying at VERN’. They have become part of our academic community within the framework of the Erasmus+ International Mobility Programme.

What do they think about Croatia and Zagreb? What courses are they attending and what do they think about studying at VERN’? We bring you impressions of four students from Spain, the Netherlands, Germany and Turkey.

I decided to come to Zagreb because I'd never been to Croatia before and I wanted my Erasmus destination to be quite different from what I'm used to seeing. The thing that I like most about VERN’ is that it’s different from my home university in terms of an individual approach to every student. My home university is much bigger than VERN’ so it's impossible to have the feeling of closeness with lecturers and other staff. I also like the fact that VERN’ has given us the opportunity to take part in a lot of activities to explore Croatia. This is probably one of the best experiences of my life.

by Rocío Santos

I really like studying here in Zagreb, at VERN’ University, which surprised me in a very positive way and so has the city. VERN’ is full of very kind people, not only the students, but especially the lecturers. Zagreb has a lot of activities and opportunities you can participate in as a student and it seems to me it’s really a student city because I’ve also made friends with people from other universities. The reason I chose Zagreb is because I'd already lived in Rome for a couple of months, so I wanted to go to a destination that was more unknown. I like discovering new things and Zagreb and it’s really is unique.

by Hendrik Maria Leijten

I like Zagreb a lot and also studying at VERN’, because it's very different from studying at my home university in Germany. Here, we're asked to do homework and intermediate presentations and submit our assignments, which is the way we check our understanding of theory. Very different from at my home university. Also, assignments and a lot of interaction during the lectures were a huge surprise for me, but really positive. I came to Zagreb because I wanted to do a semester abroad and a lot of things here have surprised me: the weather, people, affordable prices, etc. – a great experience.

by Anna Sophia Büttner

This is my first time in Zagreb, but most of my friends who have been to Croatia told me it’s a wonderful country to stay. During my stay and through ESN activities I’ve had an opportunity to meet Erasmus colleagues from all over Europe – all those different cultures, languages and people. But the thing that really surprised me a lot is the kindness of Croatian people. Broadening our horizons, better understanding of other cultures and improving the ability to take action – these could be gained from the program, not just making new friends. I have been enjoying this Erasmus experience and I will do my best to keep it as one of the best life experiences.

by Ahmed Arif Kaya

(Andro Anić)

Meet students from Spain, Netherlands, Germany and Turkey who study at VERN’

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Date of publication: May 31, 2017