VERN’s Dean and HR Manager held a presentation about the importance of HR at HEI

How does human resource management help the development of higher education institutions, do higher education institutions need to develop HRM personnel and what are the trends in this field at HEI in Croatia? These were the main topics of discussion at the recently held conference -  “Human Resource Management at Higher Education Institutions”, organized by the Agency for Science and Higher Education.

prof. dr. sc. Vlatko Cvrtila
Ivana Vrhovski
VERN’s Dean and HR Manager held a presentation about the importance of HR at HEI

The conference gathered more than a hundred participants – representatives of higher education institutions and human resource management experts. In her keynote speech, Minister of Science and Education of the Republic of Croatia Ms. Blaženka Divjak pointed out that human resource management at higher education institutions is an extremely important segment, since teachers and scientists are crucial for the quality of each higher education institution. She added that, if properly set up, the HRM system can also provide benefits for students, which is evident in the approach, opportunities for competency development, etc. 

VERN' was highlighted at the conference as an example of good practices in the field of HRM among HEI, so on this occasion our Dean, Professor Vlatko Cvrtila, Ph.D. and Ms. Ivana Vrhovski, Head of Career Development Department gave a presentation about "Human Resource Management Elements at VERN’ University".

Since higher education is an activity that requires a high level of competence, expertise and responsibility, human resource management plays an extremely important role in the system and it must be one of the most important functions, said Dean Cvrtila.

"We use all the opportunities to provide necessary tools and skills for our lecturers and external associates so they can be excellent resources of knowledge for our students. During the class break in February and September we organize workshops on various topics such as class management, critical thinking methods, approach to students, innovation development in teaching, etc., and we also conduct regular evaluation of our lecturers among students and provide them with feedback. The result of this practice is reflected in higher grades of our lecturers each year”, Dean Cvrtila stressed.

The conference "Human Resource Management at Higher Education Institutions" was held within the ERASMUS+ project "Modernization of higher education institutions through the promotion of Human Resource Management".

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