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Our student Kevin Mainenti developed a black humor mobile game in the Croatian language

Kevin is a student of directing and production, and in order to develop this game, he learned to work in the "no-code" program RPG Maker MV.

From a movie idea to a video game. That's roughly the summary of VERN 'University student Kevin Mainenti's development adventure. Kevin developed the mobile video game "The Witch & The Knight".

It is a black humor video game with narration in the Croatian language. The story is extremely character-driven says Kevin a graduate student of Film and Television Directing and Production, who previously completed the undergraduate study of Film, Television and Multimedia Design.

"As I don't know how to program, I learned the RPG Maker MV program, in which I decided to work, from the playwright Siniša Bahun in the creative writing course. The plot of the game is set in the medieval world. I found inspiration in the movies Shutter Island and games To the Moon and Doki Doki: Literature Club. However, I didn't want to 'turn-based combat' like in the old Final Fantasy games but I wanted to keep the quality of narrative and create a story around the characters, which means the player talks to other characters, makes decisions, and collects various things that tell him something new about the world in a funny way,” Kevin explained briefly.

Kevin made the prototype of the game himself in a few months, but he wanted to improve its appearance, so he invited a colleague from the creative writing course, Magdalena Klobučar Ledinščak, who drew new sets for the game. Also, he wanted to have an original soundtrack, produced by Armin Basha, and since he also wanted a Croatian voice-over, Kevin asked several actors for help, as many as 12, whom he met during the study.

Although he has already made several films as part of his undergraduate studies, Kevin points out that in the future he also plans to make video games. Kevin is not short of ideas, for the new sequel of this game, but also some completely new titles for mobile platforms, consoles, PC…

Finally, Kevin added that the game is specific and it is available on the platform for independent digital creators.

We wish Kevin a lot of success in his further creative work.

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